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How the Depths of Debt Led Me to My Passion in Life

Danielle AbbottComment
How the Depths of Debt Led Me to My Passion in Life

I once wrote a speech about the lack of a passion in my life. It used to bother me that I didn’t have one. I didn’t have a hobby, sport, instrument, or pastime that I got really excited about. I saw the overwhelming joy that football brings to my husband and I just didn’t get it. Why are we so emotional about a group of college students playing this sport? I still don’t really get it honestly, but I have so envied the passion he has for it.  

This lack of passion bothered me if I thought much about it, but I tried not to. You make plans, you move forward, you grow in any way that seems like the next steps in the path you’re on.

That all changed during my maternity leave year with my second daughter.

Earning less than 50% of my regular income while on maternity leave (thanks Canadian government, I do really appreciate the support) my husband decided after years of internal debate, to leave his steady paycheque job to open his own business. On paper (the pages of our bank statement in particular) it seemed like it was the worst possible time for him to walk away from guaranteed cash in the bank every two weeks. For some reason, even though this seemed like the craziest idea, something felt right about the timing and we pushed ahead.  

Of course, following a dream of running his own business in his field was exciting but there were logistics to look at. There was a mortgage to be paid, groceries, electricity, water.  You know, #allthethings.

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I decided we needed to get ahead of disaster and get a plan in place. We were “deep” in debt. (I use quotations here because levels of debt are so subjective. One person can be very comfortable with having the same amount of debt that may feel devastating for another person.) We were far out of our comfort zone. We were in the sick to your stomach, when will this ever end, what does our future look like, kind of debt.

I started in the most logical place to start. I googled, “how to get out of debt fast with no money”. Is that considered an oxymoron? I know it sounds like a dumb thing to search, especially for someone with a financial background. But the internet is full of wild and crazy ideas and I wanted to see what was out there. What was out there blew my mind.

Early on, I discovered SugarMamma, Canna Campbell on YouTube. I have written about her $1,000 Project other times in this blog. Canna created a project where she manifested extra cash from countless side gigs to invest and create passive income. Her rules for herself required that she could not use money from her salary or savings, it was all to be additional cash hustled in every which way.  

Before discovering “The $1,000 Project” my mindset around money was limited to earning what my job would pay me. I might get periodic pay bumps based on my performance and cost of living, but that was the extent of my earning potential. The idea that I could manifest money seriously blew my mind. I just never thought about money like that.

I was pumped and ready to go. I started finding opportunities everywhere I looked, and I was building up my $1000 project bank account, ready to transfer funds onto my debt constantly as I earned. And at the beginning, that’s exactly what I did. (Flashing forward, that extra cash is what allowed me to jump into my passion when I discovered it, while still staying on my debt repayment track).  

In fact, I may have taken it a little too far. I was spending time on tasks that had an extremely low return on investment (ROI). Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of value in being humble and grateful for every penny and working hard. But as a busy mom of two, my husband saw what I was doing (sitting at my computer for two hours straight, captioning a video for, maybe, $3.20). He knew that I was capable of more. He suggested that I brainstorm side hustles which would utilize my skills and expertise to earn a higher ROI since my time was quite precious and would become more so when I returned to work.


If you were thinking this was going to be my AHA moment, we’re not quite there yet. Sometimes the most profound statements, coming from those closest to us, are not taken in the way they are intended. 

To put it plainly, I was pissed off! I felt like I was doing it all and making good progress growing my $1000 Project account, dollar by dollar, I was doing this for us, how could he be so unsupportive of my goals, why couldn’t he understand the merit in blood, sweat, and tears. (Yes, I was thinking this about the guy who risked everything and hit the ground running with his own business and was totally killing it by the way). I was initially discouraged by his comment, but it stayed with me and marinated. . .

What can I do well? Those sinking feelings surrounding my lack of passion came swarming in. I have been in an accounting role since university, but I have been shifting away from that within my current role for quite awhile now because it’s just not for me. (Becoming a Director at my day job has allowed me to broaden my impact. The fulfillment that comes from developing others is what gets me up in the morning) But accounting… I had no interest in taking on bookkeeping on the side as I had done in years past. I felt like that was the end of the conversation. What I could do was accounting and I didn’t want more accounting in my life, so that was that.  

Then it hit me. The reason I started “The $1000 Project” to begin with… THAT is what I should be looking at. I had already fallen in love with getting my family out of debt and into financial freedom. At first when I brainstormed how I could monetize that passion the thing that came to me was financial workshops for young adults. If I had only known then, what I know now. I couldn’t change my past, but I could change the trajectory for someone else!

I was fired up and I hit the google. From there the walls of my idea broke down and expanded as I went down the internet rabbit hole of research. It all came to a grinding, mind blowing, halt when I discovered an article by Financial Coach, Garrett Philbin called Financial Coaching, What it is, and How to Become One. This blew my mind. Everything that I was thinking about and wanted but couldn’t put my finger on was described in this article.

This was A THING! My passion for Financial coaching was born in that moment and I hit the ground running with research. I was hungry to find out more about this coaching space and how I could help people get out of the energy-draining debt that I had experienced, or even help them from ending up there in the first place.  


My struggle with money and debt led me to this passion to keep others from feeling the depths of helplessness I had once felt. From a place of financial empowerment, I realized I could help other women in the same situation gain control of their finances, clarity around their money, and hope for the future.

If you are a woman who is feeling stressed out about money, there’s a great chance that your whole world could change with a little coaching. You owe it to yourself and your future to find out. Set up a free call with me HERE to find more. It’s free, so there’s nothing to lose, everything to gain.

Why would you put off your emotional, mental, and physical health? Your peace of mind, your future. When you’re in control of your money, you’re in control of your freedom.

If you are a woman who is thinking, oh my gosh Danielle, you are speaking to my soul, I have been through my own financial journey and I have so much to offer other people in managing their day-to-day money. If you are that woman, contact me HERE and I can set you up with the route I took from reading Garrett’s article to where I am today, building my business and helping people gain clarity and control around their money.

There are not nearly enough financial coaches in this world You don’t need a fancy degree or a financial education background. The best thing you can offer your potential clients is your experiences, your empathy, and your grace. The rest can be learned, and I can let you in on how I did just that.

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