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Damsel out of Debt empowers individuals and couples in changing the way they spend and save  money to get what they ultimately want out of life

WHat is financial coaching?

Most people are very comfortable asking for help with their investments and long term financial planning from a financial professional, but when it comes to the day to day money management they feel like they should be able to do it on their own.

The reality is, it's the day-to-day things like paying bills, budgeting, and decision making that many people need help with. Trying to track and manage all the inflows and outflows of your money is not easy and it's likely no one ever showed you how to do it! If money causes you stress or you don't feel in control of your financial situation, a financial coach is exactly the right choice for you.

Perhaps you found this site because there's just not enough money coming in the door to cover your bills, maybe you feel you make a fair amount of cash but still somehow seem to be stretched thin, or you're making ends meet but you don't feel in control of how and when you can meet your goals.

Damsel out of Debt coaching services can provide you with a road map to achieve your goals and guidance to learn how to take control of your own situation to get what you really want. 


so you make a budget? I've tried budgeting and it doesn't work for me

"Don't give up what you want most for what you want now" is a popular quote among the debt free community. My method of budgeting focuses on abundance rather than scarcity. The idea of budgeting is often viewed as an exercise of scarcity; doing without, sacrificing, suffering.

My approach to budgeting will provide you with guilt free spending and a sense of achievement as you work toward what you "want most". You will take joy in the abundance that your life has in store for you. It is an exercise of positivity rather than negativity, excitement rather than despair. 

How can I afford to pay for coaching when I'm struggling to pay my bills


How is a financial coach different from other financial professionals?

This is a very popular question when people hear about financial coaching. The answer is that my fee will more than pay for itself. I will find money in your budget that you did't realize you had. I will help you put more money in your savings and pay down more debt than you thought you ever could. More importantly I show you how to do it so you can continue to expertly manage your cash long after you have worked with me. It is an investment in yourself and your goals. 



Your financial advisers, advisors, and planners may have the ability to broker various products for you- insurance, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. Damsel out of Debt does not sell any financial products. 

My role is not to sell you anything but to educate and empower you to manage your money in a way that increases the flow toward those life goals you really want and away from the things you don't value or need. My services are fee-based only, committing to serve you without compromise. 

I do not accept money from investment advisors, insurance providers or other financial services so my client's interest is my only concern. Before you can gain any benefit from other financial professionals, you need a solid foundation. My role is to help you build this foundation by making smart, focused financial decisions that put you in a position to then take the next step in investing and financial planning.